A Man Edited Out Of DaBaby’s ‘Ghetto Girls’ Video Accused The Rapper Of Being Homophobic

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DaBaby is working hard to regain traction with rap music fans. He’s even attempted to make amends with former friend Megan Thee Stallion following their private fallout. Over the past few months, the rapper has shared several freestyles and singles with supporting music videos. His latest video for the track “Ghetto Girls” is picking up steam but for all the wrong reasons.

On Saturday, August 26, an actor who was slated to appear in the video as the main antagonist accused DaBaby of being homophobic. The extra named Mustang took to Instagram to express his frustrations with DaBaby after he was supposedly edited out of the video due to his past work as an adult film star.

Read Mustang’s full statement via Instagram below.

So a moment of truth….No one is perfect and yet we are all flawed, we all have skeletons in our closets but there in the closest because none of us wont them out for whatever reason. I often times here (some ppl) of the LGBTQ community say live in your truth and while I understand that I think it’s a method for most of the ones saying that to be in yo business and know your business. Im not ashamed of what I like, love, may or may not do but I am a private person and have a right to my privacy and unless I’m involved with a person like that I don’t feel the need to walk around with a flag in my hand or a rainbow to let ppl know my business. My past decisions to do gay content and porn at the time was simply about the bag $$$ I didn’t kno ppl like that, I didn’t care about the hype of being a pornstar and while it brought a ok platform it brought me more turmoil than anything, it outted me, separated me from my family for a while trying to hide the truth of what I was doing at the time to make a living and a come up. It messed up friendships I had with ppl who didn’t kno about me , working relationships and all. At one point I almost committed suicide but I had a praying father and family and I kno God wasn’t through with me yet. So I fought sooooo hard not to let porn define me or put me in a box. I wanted my talents to be seen, I wanted ppl to see I was more than a sex symbol but I could be the best at everything I do. I was always taught if I don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all, don’t throw shade, don’t be petty and don’t be envious. If u see someone doing big things congratulate them, learn from them and grow. I have been told NO a million times but I kept being humble, I kept being professional, I kept being cooperative and easy to work with, I kept loving ppl, I kept giving,I kept building and I kept working and God allowed me to get the right YES everytime. I don’t believe in standing with a community of ppl who only come together to talk about your porn career, and bring you down at the highlight of your success. So I was canceled because of my sexuality and porn so to all who played apart, Thanks YOU DID YOUR BIG ONE.

After people online pushed back against Mustang’s claims, he doubled down in a separate post, writing, “They definitely cut me from the whole video because people couldn’t congratulate me or applaud. But had to bring attention to my sexuality which had nothing to do with the video or my performance. So to all the people who went out of their way to expose a part of my life that didn’t have nothing to do with this project, thank y’all for getting me canceled.”

Back in 2021, following his insensitive onstage commentary at Rolling Loud aimed at the LGBTQ community, DaBaby found himself in hot water with several queer entertainers and allies, including Elton John, Lil Nas X, and Madonna. After deleting his initial apology, he then issued another one reflecting on his actions.

Watch DaBaby’s video for his single, “Ghetto Girls,” below.

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