As A Valentine’s Day Gesture, Sexyy Red’s First Boyfriend Robbed Someone For Her, And She Thought It Was ‘So Sweet’

todaySeptember 14, 2023

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Sexyy Red will embarking on her Hood Hottest Princess Tour next month, but first, the St. Louis rapper took a trip down memory lane with Montreality.

In a 13-minute video posted to YouTube on Tuesday, September 12, Sexyy Red recalled her childhood, even reluctantly reliving her terrible prom and more fondly remembering a unique romantic gesture.

“I spent a lot on my dress,” she said. “I ran for prom queen. I didn’t win because I was bad, and they tried to make me write an essay to let me run. I was bad. I was getting suspended and stuff, skipping school. I wasn’t doing no work, for real, and then I tried to come run for prom. They was like, ‘You ain’t even been here! How you trying to run?’ […] When I did go, the dress that I got made, it was so ugly. I was crying the day of prom. The lady thought she did that. She showed me the dress. I just started crying. I’m like, ‘This ugly!’ And I spent hella money on that sh*t.”

Treating herself didn’t work out for Sexyy Red, but high school wasn’t all for naught. Her first boyfriend’s unconventional efforts weren’t in vain, as she credited him as responsible for “the most romantic thing somebody did for me”:

“It was Valentine’s Day — I’ll never forget. He robbed somebody and gave me the money and gave me the belt he stole, and it was just so sweet because he was out of breath and stuff. He was like, ‘Here, I just got this for you.’ I was like, ‘Ah! So sweet! Thank you!’ ‘Cause nobody never did nothing like that for me. He stole for me, so I’m like, ‘You did that for me? Really?’

I was 15. It was my first boyfriend, and it was the first time somebody had ever got me a gift or tried to do something for me. And I know he didn’t have it, so the fact that you still made a way and you did what you had to do, that was nice. And it was only $13, but it was nice. And it was a fake Gucci belt!”

Elsewhere in the interview, Red discussed Facebook (surprisingly, her preferred social media), love, “Pound Town,” superpowers, tattoos, toxic traits, and a message to the youth. Watch it above.

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