Bunny Zingler’s Music Festival Packing And Prepping Guide

todayAugust 23, 2023

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Summer may be coming to a close in the US but music festival season is really a global chase for endless summer (if you have the means to travel). Going someplace steamy when it’s cooling down back home is a huge selling point for many music-loving vagabonds. Plus the US summer season isn’t over yet — Burning Man, Imagine Music Festival, Borderland Music & Arts Music, and Life Is Beautiful are all on the horizon. Hulaween, Portola Festival, Joshua Tree Festival, Tomorrowland Brazil, Groove Cruise, and more are on the way.

With more music to come, we tapped the Queen of Rolling Loud, Bunny Zingler. The fashion icon — who takes a 360 approach to self-expression through music, fashion, and beauty at festivals — just wrapped up her on-site activation at last month’s most powerful hip-hop music festival in history with her exclusive Forever 21 collection, bridging the gap between fashion and festival culture. The collection draws inspiration from the 90s and Rolling Loud’s home base of Miami with a variety of pieces including checkered bodysuits, colorful cargo pants, fitted graphic crop tops, and palm tree-emblazoned matching sets – a nod to the city’s vibrant nightlife scene and lively culture.

To prepare for the rest of this year’s and beyond festivals, we asked Zingler to walk us through how to properly prep and pack for your for a fest while also showcasing some personalized looks from her latest Forever 21 collection.

PART I – How To Prep


Schedule Out Beauty Treatments:

I try to plan any particular beauty treatments that take more time and healing at least two weeks before Rolling Loud or any other festival. One of these beauty treatments is usually a facial with my esthetician. Depending on how my skin is doing at that time, I either opt for a chemical peel or something a bit less invasive like an intense hydra-facial. Around this time I also like to check in on my routine teeth cleaning, hair removal process, baby botox, and root touch-up for my hair.

This is also the time when I would be planning all of my outfits and start packing little by little.

Work Out:

After completing anything painful and invasive, my second phase of prep is what I like to call the “good uncomfortable.” I really enjoy getting in good workouts that make me feel stronger. Lifting and stretching before Rolling Loud helps me ensure my body is ready to take on the heat and all the dancing I’ll be doing! I make sure to maintain a good diet even outside of prepping for special events but even more so leading up to them.

I try to get in a lot of protein, carbs, water, and minerals leading up so I know my body has the utmost fuel.

Self-Care & Last-Minute Errands:

Getting a little closer to Rolling Loud, I like to implement a lot of healing properties and self-care by doing things that make me feel good and look good. I always make sure I have my outfits completely prepped and packed, leaving just toiletries, makeup, and hair items to be packed for later on, a little closer to the event. Some of the things I enjoy during this time are definitely aloe pop face-sicles that I make at home, as well as getting a lot of rest. Rolling Loud is three days long, and with all the time and prepping beforehand and also in the moment, it really is crucial to make sure you’re fueling your body and setting yourself up for success to ensure you have the best time ever.

Along with this, I finish any last-minute errands, work, and home chores to make sure everything at home is good to go — leaving no loose ends to worry about.

Grab The Fun Essentials

After completing all of the above, I’m almost ready! Now it’s time for fun stuff like full body exfoliation, a spray tan, and a dope new set of nails. Aside from these, all I have to do now is pack up my hygiene, hair, makeup, and get an awesome hydration and vitamin IV before I really start the party. Quick tip for arrival – as soon as I get to Rolling Loud or any festival I attend, I also find the nearest supermarket and buy a case of water and my favorite go-to snacks to have on hand after a long day/night.

PART II – Packing Essentials


Electrolyte Packets:

These are most important for me because whether you’re consuming alcohol or not, you’re still getting pretty active going back and forth to stages while hopping and bopping around to your favorite music, especially at a festival like Rolling Loud where we have so many stages and acts I want to see. Staying hydrated is the number one festival essential for me.

Face & Body Sunscreen:

Finding a face sunscreen that works for you is almost like finding a precious gem. I swear it’s taken me years to figure out a sunscreen that works for my skin and doesn’t leave me worried about pesky breakouts or potential allergic reactions to chemicals. Do the research and start finding that for yourself as soon as you can – it will really help your skin for the long run and also in the present. Nothing’s worse than being burnt while you’re having fun – that’s the type of issue that would prevent me from fully enjoying my time.

Setting Spray:

Setting spray is super important to me! Usually, I opt for an aerosol setting spray for long-wearing makeup events like music festivals where you’re outside most of the day. For some reason, I think it just works a lot better than a traditional spray

Your Trusty Pair of Sneakers or Shoes:

I have certain shoes that are just my “festival shoes.” These are ones I’ve already broken in and don’t mind getting a little roughed up. Try to always have your feet, ankles, and toes protected at a festival for your safety.


Sunglasses because, well, they protect your eyes and always look super cool. If the setting spray flops and your makeup starts melting – sunglasses! I always try to bring an inexpensive pair because I end up losing them throughout the night. So make sure to pack a few pairs!

Hair Bands:

You or someone else will always need a hairband. Sometimes you wanna live in the moment and let your hair down without it actually flying in your face or sticking to you…hair bands !!!

PART III – Festival Fashion Fits

VIP Arrival


Shop The Look:

Rolling Loud Varsity Letterman Jacket
Rhinestone Butterfly Halter Top
Belted Satin Mirco Mini Skirt
Metallic Cowboy Boots


Shop The Look:

Butterfly Rhinestone Chain Hair Clip
Rhinestone Butterfly Choker Necklace
Rhinestone Thigh Garter Chain
Butterfly Face Jewel
Star Girl – Body Jewel Mix Pack

Mid-Day Glow


Shop The Look:

Rolling Loud Miami Beach Cropped Tee
Frayed Pleated Mini Skirt
Rimless Drip Lens Sunglasses
Lace-Up Lug-Sole Sneakers


Shop The Look:

Heart Pendant Choker Necklace
Baby Beaded Hoop Earrings
Ribbon Star Pendant Choker Necklace
Body Jewel Mix Pack
Baby Bun Pack

Late-Night Rager


Shop The Look:

Rolling Loud Graphic Tube Top
Twill Wide-Leg Cargo Overalls
Metallic Cowboy Hat
Lace-Up Lug-Sole Combat Boots


Shop The Look:

Body Jewel Mix Pack
Rhinestone Statement Choker Necklace
Cut Crease Face Jewel

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