‘The Chi’: Here’s The Music You Heard In Season 6, Episode 4

todayAugust 25, 2023

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(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s The Chi episode will be found below.)

We are now halfway into the first half of The Chi season 6, part one. In the series’ fourth and latest episode, there’s a focus on the mental health of the people around Victor, specifically the men in his close circle. Victor has made mental health in his community the focus of his term as city councilman and he begins with checking in on Shaad, Emmett, Darnell, Marcus, Quincy, and Jamal. Tiffany and Rob make progress on their marijuana business goals and Douda finds himself in a tough position as a result of a recent killing.

The events mentioned above in the fourth episode of Showtime’s The Chi season six, titled “ReUp,” are soundtracked by songs that help to accentuate the emotions behind each scene. You can find a list of them below and details about the scenes the records played behind.

The following records were provided thanks to the Showtime Entertainment Public Relations team. Some records are unreleased and will not be on streaming until a later date. Check back for updates on a release.

Brandon Christian — “Work”

We hear this record around the 3:31 mark as Emmett, Shaad, and Victor gather at Emmett’s house to eat weed-infused wings in celebration of 4/20. Emmett is also on a frantic search for the gun Douda gave him at this moment.

Aerin — “All I Wanted Was You”

This song plays around the 8:49 mark as we check in with characters from the show to see how they’re celebrating 4/20. Darnell and Jada enjoy a smoke together while Dre and Nina figure out an order to place. Both duos are also looking to get some more weed from Tiffany, as is Nuk and Bakari who take a hit from a bong. We then Tiffany on her phone trying to coordinate all the orders.

Hollywood Koko & Tamira — “Drip”

Around the 15:15 mark, Fatima and her girls gather for a quick brunch. It’s here that they talk about Victor, her recent decision to move in with him, and if their relationship is something good for her.

Genesis Denise Hale aka Maisha — “Three1Two”

This record plays around the 20:35 mark as Maisha and Jemma are in a recording studio working on another song. The pressure is mounting for her and Jemma to find another hit and it’s starting to come in between them as Jemma’s dad reminds her of their deal in regards of her making money with Maisha or going to college.

Nooonnniiieee — “Big Bang”

We hear this record around the 22:09 mark as Papa and Kenya begin their date at bowling alley. Kenya quickly learns that Papa is a pro at bowling, something she is not.

Anita Baker — “Sweet Love”

Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love” plays around the 23:09 mark after Papa helps Kenya bowl a strike. It appears that Papa had it set up so that this song would play when she bowled a strike. The two share a dance and eventually a kiss.

Breana — “Don’t Mind Us”

This song plays around the 41:15 mark as Tiffany and Keisha enjoy some wine together at Rob’s house. Keisha compliments Tiffany’s weed and Tiffany shares her plans to enter the marijuana business. Keisha expresses her concerns over Emmett’s behavior since Douda entered their lives.

Thor — “Tip It Good”

Around the 42:29 mark, this record plays through a video on Jemma’s phone. The song is performed by a local rapper who is wearing a shirt from Jake’s clothing line. Jake sees it as a win and celebrates, but Jemma is more concerned with the music in the video and what it means for the type of music Maisha needs to make in her career.

Penzilla — “Glass Of Sunshine”

This record plays around the 43:48 mark as Darnell & Jada, Shaad & Deja, and Marcus & Tierra gather for dinner at Darnell and Jada’s house. It’s an awkward moment due to Tierra and Shaad quick moment of love from Valentine’s Day. This creates some tension at the table, but the crew eventually sets it aside to enjoy some food.

Gavin Williams — “War Is Not Final Now”

We hear this song in the background around the 46:27 mark as Douda and his love interest Bianca (played by Jill Marie Jones from Girlfriends) have a conversation about who could be next in line to assume the position in command after Douda. Shaad soon makes a visit to potentially work for Douda again, but he later leaves as the task is too dangerous for his liking.

Crystal — “Down At The Cross (Glory To His Name)”

Lastly, around the 54:24 mark, this plays as Papa’s dad finishes a sermon in church that was seemingly directed at Douda who sits in the crowd. This could mean trouble for Papa’s dad as Douda instructs Nuk to “take care of him.”

New episodes of ‘The Chi’ are available through the Paramount Plus With Showtime plan on Fridays at 3am EST/ 12 pm PST. Weekly episodes also air Sundays on Showtime at 9pm EST/PST.

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